The ACA IS Changing Medicaid Eligibility in Florida

Throughout 2013, you’ve heard from Florida CHAIN and others about why the Florida Legislature must seize the opportunity provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to extend Medicaid coverage to most non-elderly adults up to 133 percent of the poverty level. Given that the Legislature has to date rejected this critical opportunity, at great cost to Florida families, employers, and the economy as a whole, you’ll continue to hear from us about that.

What has not been discussed, however, are other changes the ACA makes to Medicaid that, unlike expansion, are not optional for the state. Under federal law, they must take effect January 1. These changes aren’t nearly on the scale of the adult Medicaid expansion, but they’re worthy of much more attention than they’re getting.

Click here for a descriptions of a few key changes to Medicaid eligibility in 2014.