Stroke Victim’s Family Happy He Finally Has Health Insurance

Theresa, 58, purchased health insurance for her son who was recently hospitalized with a stroke. He needs health insurance now for doctor visits on a regular basis. She stated, “My son never went to the doctor because he didn’t want medical bills he could not pay. Having a stroke out of nowhere is what prompted him to seek health insurance and go see a doctor on a regular basis.” Not having insurance has been hard on them financially, having to pay out of pocket for doctor visits and prescription drugs. Their son is dependent on them to pay his premiums until he can get a second job to pay for his own health insurance. Right now he lives paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford it.

The last time their son had health insurance was when he was 18 and under their family plan. Since then, he has not been able to afford health insurance on his own and went without seeing a doctor, or seeking any preventive care. She stated, “Maybe if he had been able to afford health insurance and could see a doctor without worrying about the cost, he could have avoided having a stroke.” Theresa and her family are grateful for the marketplace exchange, and being able to sign their son up for health care coverage. Having coverage now makes things less stressful for their family.