Sheri Got Covered and says, “My family loves Obamacare!”

Osceola County resident Sheri M. was so thrilled with the Silver Humana plan she and her husband obtained through the Marketplace, she reached out to Florida CHAIN to share her story.

Sheri wrote, “This plan is “way less than what we were paying in 2013 with our Blue Cross plan and we’re thrilled about the change and the plan quality. This morning, my husband and I created a account, applied, and enrolled in an insurance policy for 2014. Then, via a link to our new insurer’s website, we paid our January 2014 premium. It took about 2 hours on the website, followed by 30 minutes on our insurer’s website. Compared to our current policy, we’ll save thousands of dollars in 2014, plus get MUCH better coverage. We had a account from October, when the site was glitchy, but today with a new account using a different email address, all went smoothly. Thanks very much, ACA! My family loves Obamacare!”