Senior’s medication more affordable with ACA

Carol has a Medicare Advantage Plan- Humana Gold. She suffers from chronic depression, bone loss and has had four back surgeries so she takes pain medication as well. She has about eight prescription drugs she takes regularly. She fell into the Medicare donut hole for the first time in July, 2012.

She didn’t pick up her last refill of Abilify because it was $297/ month.  She tried to get an emergency visit with her doctor for samples and went without medication for eight days. The doctor couldn’t help her so she found a 6 month supply of Abilify in Canada for $61 or $10/ month. Before, she was paying $80/ month.

She can’t get out of the donut hole until she spends about $1,500 or so and then she starts over next year but she’ll fall into it again.

There is no generic available of Abilify, but she is taking other medications which are much more affordable now thanks to the ACA. Many are about 50% less than they were before.

She takes advantage of all preventive services thanks to the ACA including bone loss density (found out she had bone loss thanks to the screening), mammograms and others.