Everything you need to know about premature ejaculation

Usually, men will ejaculate after they reach an orgasm during sex. But some men might ejaculate sooner than normal, and this is what is referred to as premature ejaculation or PE. PE is common since 1 in every 3 men experience it at some point in their life.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is also known by 3 other names: premature climax, rapid ejaculation, and early ejaculation. If a man experiences PE, he might feel embarrassed by it, and this might result in low self-esteem, especially if his sex partner had a higher expectation.

What causes premature ejaculation?

PE can result from physiological components such as stress, depression, guilt, relationship problems, and sexual intercourse anxiety. This is to say that the chemical reactions in your brain might be to blame if you’re experiencing premature ejaculation. Besides, men with low levels of a chemical known as serotonin in their brain tend to ejaculate after a short time when having sexual intercourse.

But sometimes, the physiological components are not to blame since other factors or conditions can cause PE. A good example of such conditions is erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction consists of the inability to maintain an erection for long.

Men who have a hard time keeping their penis erection for long might develop a pattern to ejaculate faster before they lose an erection. And this is how erectile dysfunction can cause premature ejaculation. However, this habit is hard to break from and could result in prolonged PE.

There are also other causes of PE. Some might be physical. Inflammation of the prostate or urethra can also cause premature ejaculation. Also, a man may experience PE if there are abnormal levels of certain hormones such as testosterone, and certain chemicals in the CNS called neurotransmitters.

Having relationship problems is another cause of premature ejaculation. Interpersonal issues between you and your sex partner could also cause premature ejaculation. If you never experienced PE in your past sexual relationships, then interpersonal relationships with your new sex partner might be to blame.

Also, there is a possibility that you inherited some traits that cause premature ejaculation. However, this is a biological factor that might be hard to control unless you seek professional help.

PE can affect your fertility. As a man with this condition, you might have trouble siring a child since PE might prevent you from intravaginally ejaculating. As a result, stress and relationship problems might occur.

How to prevent it?

PE can cause embarrassment for men and unsatisfactory sexual performance. But the good news is that you can always stop it using the following techniques:

Use the “Stop-and-start” method

This is a very simple technique that is also very effective at preventing premature ejaculation. When using this technique, you will stop the thrusting of the penis for a while when you’re nearing the climax.

You will then resume the thrusting motion of the penis. You can repeat this technique as many times as you want. And in the end, you will have prolonged sexual intercourse.

Use the self-distraction method

During sexual intercourse, you will be highly stimulated and start to reach climax. After the climax, you will ejaculate. But you might climax too early and ejaculate if you have PE. So, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath and think about something else like baseball.

Do this until the stimulation is beginning to drop but maintaining the erection. And then resume thrusting the penis. You can repeat the whole process for an impressive sexual intercourse duration.

Engage in more foreplays

This technique works to satisfy your sex partner by the time you ejaculate. In this technique, you will need to stimulate your sex partner until they reach a point of high sexual arousal. You can then make the penetration and start to have sexual intercourse. By the time you ejaculate, your sex partner shall have reached orgasm.

Use the squeeze method

In this method, you will have to squeeze the tip of your penis for 10-20 seconds, with fair firm pressure. You can as well ask your sex partner to do this for you. You should do the squeezing when you’re almost ejaculating, and this will withhold the stimulation for 30 seconds. You will then continue to continue penetration until you desire to ejaculate.

Besides using the above techniques, you can as well use desensitizing creams to achieve the same result. These creams will desensitize the tip of your penis thus prolonging ejaculation. Also, you can visit a doctor for a prescribed medication.


Premature ejaculation can cause embarrassment for men, and their sex partners, sometimes. As such, it is something that you should avoid. Besides, it can cause unsatisfactory sexual experience! But there are a few techniques that you can use to prolong the ejaculation process. Luckily, we have shared them with you. So, experiencing prolonged sexual intercourse should not be a problem anymore.


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