“It is So Important for Everyone to Have Health Insurance”

“You never know what can happen. It is so important for me and everyone else to have health insurance at all times because we need to be protected when things do happen.” John Harris finds himself in the coverage gap. John makes too little to be eligible for marketplace subsidies and tax credits and as a single individual without any dependent children, he is ineligible for Medicaid as it stands in Florida today. John works in the retail industry, but unfortunately didn’t even have employer based coverage. Due to layoffs, John has been between jobs. This has caused a great deal of instability in his life.

Without health care coverage, John has been using the limited services provided by free clinics for his medical and dental care. He recently twisted his ankle and was in great pain, but he could not get the care he needed due to lack of coverage. John represents the core of our working class. It is unfortunate that the backbone of our economy- those working in tourism, retail, restaurants, and more don’t have the protection they need when life happens. Health is the greatest factor in our economy. It impacts our businesses every day. Having health care coverage and a healthy workforce has proven to have workers that are more productive and a greater retention of talent. This is why so many businesses’ have started advocating for a greater access to health care coverage.