“I Want My Family To Be Healthy”

Maricela has been scared of medical expenses for years. She was finally able to get affordable health care coverage through the marketplace during open enrollment. She, her husband, and her two children all have health insurance. She is especially excited about having health insurance for her children, “my children are sick all the time, so while worrying about their health I was also worrying about medical debt.” Her first priority is to have health coverage for her family, “I want my kids to be healthy.”

Both of Maricela’s children have asthma, but since they are insured their asthma is now controlled due to consistent and affordable access to a doctor and medication. Maricela did not qualify for Medicaid because her household income was too high, but she and her husband could not afford private coverage. Her husband works in construction, a physically demanding job. She stated she was worried about his health and the chance of an accident happening while he was uninsured. Worries of medical debt and lack of access to good care were constant. Having affordable health coverage has alleviated their worries, and given them comfort of security.