“I know what it is like to be insured, and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have been through.”


Laurie Scop is a survivor who fights for the right for health care coverage for all. She has been through unbelievable circumstances and has come out on top. Laurie attributes a lot of what she was able to overcome because she had health care coverage throughout it all. Laurie Scop at the age of 31 was admitted into a nursing home because she suffered from a severe neurologic disease that left her completely disabled. Through years of clinical trials, therapy, and treatments, Laurie made a remarkable recovery. Laurie stated, “I am so grateful that I had health coverage throughout it all, I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like without it.” Once Laurie made a full recovery, she was able to start getting her life back to normal, despite some challenges. One of those challenges included finding employment after not being employed for ten years. Laurie worked in the field of social work and enjoyed helping people. She finally was able to find a job, and was even promised health care coverage. She accepted the job, but was old her health care coverage would not start until after three months on the job.

Laurie for the first time in her life found herself uninsured, “I was overworked, hungry, and dehydrated for weeks.” This led to Laurie fainting one day at the office and when she woke up she found herself in a hospital bed, sick, and uninsured with a stack of medical bills piling up. She described this as the worst feeling, and couldn’t even imagine not being uninsured while she was suffering from her neurologic disease. Now Laurie wants to show her support for those that are currently stuck in coverage gap because she knows what it is like to be without health care coverage when you need it most. Unfortunately, Laurie finds herself again uninsured and even more motivated to help close the coverage gap.