“I cannot continue to care for my family productively if I cannot be as healthy as I can myself.”


Jodi Hart is a mother of two daughters with special needs. She herself suffers from poor health. She is uninsured and frustrated at Florida’s health care system, she expresses “Florida can’t do anything for me.” Jodi suffers from a seizure disorder, she has been in the emergency room 314 times, all with different diagnosis. She is in desperate need of health care. Her poor health status is prohibiting her from working and supporting her family in a way she knows she would be able to if she was healthy enough to be able to work. The only care she has access to is the services offered by free clinics, where she gets minimal care and can’t see a neurologist nor a specialist to care for her rare eye condition. Jodi states “I have been going to a clinic but it is not free. They don’t have some of the specialties I need and every time I go I have to pay 35.00 co-pay. Labs and tests are separate and they have billed me for those but I have to pay monthly payments. Sometimes when I need to go I can’t because I don’t have the Copay so I end up having to suffer. I have to pay each time I go.” Jodi is left hoping something changes and she gets the care she needs so she is able to move on with her life.

Because of everything Jodi has been going through, she has taken on advocating on the issue of health care for those who need it most, “advocating is my true passion as is helping others in need. Now I continue to help hopefully thousands of others but also myself.” She shares that her closest friends and family know that she is always putting herself last on the list. She has not felt well for a long time now. She states that she is in need of help, “I cannot continue to care for my family productively if I cannot be as healthy as I can myself.” She is advocating for change for her health so she can be better for herself, her mother and her girls.