House v. Burwell Talking Points

We’re disappointed the court sided with House members whose sole aim through the lawsuit is to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance it provides to more than 20 million Americans. However, we expect the administration will appeal this ruling and win, preserving critical financial assistance that allows millions of Americans to access quality health care.

What this means for consumers:

  • While this case continues to wind through the legal system, it’s important for people to know that the tax credits and financial assistance mechanisms will not be going anywhere.
  • This lawsuit is about how insurers get reimbursed for those cost-sharing reductions, not whether or not they are allowed.
  • House Republicans should cease wasting time and energy attacking the law in the courts. Instead, they should make health care in America work better for everyone by addressing issues such as, among others, the growing burden of out-of-pocket costs, increasing transparency, and closing the coverage gap.

It is possible that in a media interview you may be pressed to answer a “What if the House ultimately wins this case?” question. An interview best practice reminder is to never speculate and to instead use the opportunity to bridge back to one of your main points. For example, “I really can’t talk about the future, what’s important here is that Floridians know that the financial assistance that helps them purchase coverage isn’t going anywhere.”