Happy to have “real” insurance now

Marty Riordian saw an ad in the newspaper that a Navigator for the Health Insurance Marketplace would be holding an enrollment event at a local library. He jumped at the chance to meet with a Navigator to discuss the possibility of getting a new health insurance plan. “I have a catastrophic plan and I wanted a chance at real insurance for a change,” said Marty.

Because Marty works seasonal positions in the restaurant industry and travels to other states to work, he has been ineligible for employee-sponsored insurance and had to find affordable coverage. Marty understands the need for having health insurance and has always done his best to make she he and his wife were covered. But until now, all he could get was a basic, catastrophic plan.

As enrollment in the Marketplace became available again, Marty was excited for the opportunity to get support applying and discussing options with a Navigator. He was thrilled with the “professionalism and knowledge” the Palm Beach County-based Navigator provided. After looking through several plans, he and his wife found one that fit their needs—both financially and health wise.

Marty said, “Before this, it was just a barebones plan. I used it once for a surgery, but it didn’t cover much. Now I’ll be able to get a few things taken care of that I’ve been having problems with and been putting off.”

Even though the Riordians are paying “about the same” as they paid for their catastrophic plan, Marty says they are “really happy to have the new plan that will cover what they need” and he is looking forward to finally getting the care he needs when his plan begins in January 2015.