Graduate Student Thankful for Marketplace Coverage

Nicholas Kolos is a full time graduate student. Nicholas represents one of the many that are not able to afford private health insurance. Luckily, for Nicholas, he was able to sign up for health care coverage through the marketplace’s third enrollment period. Nicholas being a full time student pursing his graduate degree also carried the strain of not having health care coverage. The last time he was insured it was through his family’s Cobra plan at a cost of $700/month. He is now able to afford health insurance for nearly half that price, thanks to the marketplace.

Nicholas’s father is extremely happy that he qualified for health care coverage through the marketplace. As a full time graduate student, maintaining a full time job is not always possible. Nicholas is still reliant on his family for financial support while he is school. The huge savings his family has with his coverage through the marketplace has been great. Nicholas describes the need for health care coverage as “vital.” He is dependent on medical services and could not imagine being without health insurance, especially while pursuing his degree. Nicholas is also an advocate for expansion of health care to all Floridians can have access to affordable, quality, low cost health care. Even though his family is grateful for the savings they acquire monthly from Nicholas plan on the marketplace, they still feel that is not affordable enough. There is a great need for Medicaid expansion in the State of Florida to make health care coverage more affordable even for those who quality for a health plan on the marketplace.