Forced into Early Retirement, and Left Uninsured!

Jerry Knipp, 62, of Lake County is grateful for being able to enroll in the health care marketplace this enrollment period. He shares, “I am so thankful to the navigator who helped me apply for health care coverage. She was so humble, friendly and knowledgeable, and made enrolling a smooth process.”

Mr. Knipp spent the last 28 years working for Disney, of which he had excellent health care coverage benefits as an employee. He was forced into early retirement at the age of 62 because he suffers from a condition called Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Mr. Knipp was a supply and distribution worker at Disney so he spent his work hours on his feet on a cold concrete floor. Mr. Knipp stated “I suffer from DVT really bad so I had to get off that concrete floor,” explaining that was the main reason he had to retire from a job he enjoyed these past 28 years.

Due to his early retirement, he would not qualify for Medicare. This left Mr. Knipp without health care coverage. He desperately needed health insurance. Fortunately, he was able to enroll in the marketplace and sign up for a health care plan. When asked about his experience with the marketplace and if he would recommend others to enroll, he added in utter joy, “God yes, I would recommend everyone who needs health care coverage enroll in the marketplace.” Mr. Knipp was happy to be able to receive a good health plan with low monthly payments. Now he can enjoy his retirement knowing he has affordable health care coverage.