Financial Security Thanks to Being Newly Insured

“I moved to Sarasota from Pennsylvania last year, but I didn’t have health care or a job lined up in Florida beforehand. I spent many savings in the transition – I finally found a part-time job at $8 an hour.” There are others like Patricia that face this same reality when moving to Florida. While some are not able to get coverage at all because they do not qualify for marketplace coverage and are stuck in the coverage gap, Patricia did qualify and was able to sign up for affordable coverage on the marketplace.

“A friend recommended I call the United Way Suncoast’s health care Navigator, Sheryl Boddy. She helped me find an affordable plan through the Marketplace. Now I’m covered and saving a lot on my prescriptions.” Before, Patricia had to pull money from her savings account to be able to afford medical care and pay her bills. Now, thanks to her new coverage, she no longer has to waste her savings. “It worked great! I’m going to use the money I save on medical care to pay my bills.”