“Family Grateful for the Coverage Offered Through CHIP”

KimKimberly Way and her husband were excited for their newborn. They already had four children at home, and were welcoming their new bundle of joy. Their newborn, Kaleb Way was born prematurely. At the time of his birth, they were informed that their son was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, “the doctors warned me not to go home and Google what Trisomy 13 is, but the mother in me could not resist, and in the end I found out why they warned me,” stated Kimberly. Her research revealed that children diagnosed with Trisomy 13 usually die shortly after birth. In the midst of despair, she still had hope that her son would live past what was expected, and she sought the best possible care for him. Shortly after his diagnosis was revealed they were contacted by a case worker at the hospital who introduced Kim and her Husband to KidCare.

KidCare is the extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in the state of Florida. Even though Kim and her husband at that time had health insurance, they decided to enroll Kaleb into KidCare because it offered them better coverage and options for care for their son at a more affordable price. Their former coverage cost them $1,300.00 a month and limited the type of care they could seek for their son. Kidcare only cost them $20/month and allowed Kim to seek the best possible care for her son. Kaleb has weekly visits at the doctor’s office, receives therapies, and other services. Kaleb was born both blind and deaf. Kaleb qualified for a surgery to install an ear piece to aid in hearing. This expensive surgery cost them nothing, thanks to the great coverage offered through KidCare. The great coverage they have for Kaleb has made things a lot less stressful for Kim and her family, “he is my miracle baby, and I am so grateful for all the great care available to him.” Kaleb has long surpassed what doctor’s predicted his survival time to be, and Kim is hopeful he will grow up to be a happy boy.

CHIP is a bipartisan bill, and has been working well. Many families across the United States are dependent on CHIP and it has been working well for kids and families all across whether their household income is in the upper end of the income pool or in the lower end. Kimberly Way and her family are just one amongst many that have been benefiting every day from having CHIP coverage. This coverage is not only affordable for every-day families, but the type of care offered through this coverage is among the very best.