Divorcee’ finds affordable care through Florida’s healthcare exchange

During her married years, Joyce Dauby, 59, health insurance was never a question. She always had access to affordable healthcare either through her work or through her husband’s employer.

“When my husband and I were going through our divorce I needed health insurance until I could find full-time employment. Presently I’m working on getting my license as a clinical social worker. For years I just kept part-time work while the kids were in school. Now I just need some temporary help until I get on my feet.”

Joyce applied online through the healthcare exchange for a healthcare policy. “My policy without the tax credit would have been $580 per month. With the tax credit my monthly premium is $8.86 with co-pays of $8. When I find full time employment, I won’t need the help and will expect to pay more. But it is a relief to have it now. So obviously I’m delighted.”

“I just need short term help,” explains Joyce. “I don’t understand why our legislators label anyone who needs help as lazy. Most hard working families I worked with as a part-time social worker everyone was working and still they couldn’t afford enough food and/or healthcare.”

Two years ago right after the Affordable Care Act passed allowing young adults to be on their parent’s policy, Joyce was able to help her oldest daughter. “She was between jobs. She’d been hired as a temp and they decided to offer her a permanent position her but the approval process took some time. We were able to cover her the month she had to wait to get health insurance through her new employer. That was two years ago. She’s 28 now and is with the same company and happy as can be. The new healthcare law helped her and is now helping me!”