Child Denied Health Care Coverage Due to Five Year Wait

Leroy Carter is a single father who moved here with his son nearly four years ago. He and his son moved to South Florida from Jamaica. Both Leroy and his son are legal residents of the United States. Leroy came to America in hopes of making a better life for him and his son. He started working as soon he was able to. His hours started getting cut so his employer would not have to provide health insurance coverage to him and his son. Leroy then decided to move to North Florida because he has a cousin there whom he and his son could live with. Once he moved to North Florida he was able to work more hours, but at minimum wage that was still not nearly enough. Leroy is still desperately looking for more work to make more money, but is unable to. Due to his low income he does not qualify for marketplace subsidies, “I am trying to find another job, and work more, but am having no luck.”

Leroy tried to enroll his son for Children’s Medicaid, so at least he wouldn’t have to worry about his son’s health care coverage. He was denied because of the 5 year ban. Leroy and his son have not been living in the United States for at least five years so his son does not qualify for Children’s Medicaid. Now on top of having to worry about finding more work, making more money, trying to stand on his feet so he and his son could have their own place to live and have food on the table, he has to worry about his son not having health care coverage. This is worrisome to Leroy because if something was to happen to his son where he would need medical care, he would not be able to afford that care. They fall one year short of being eligible for Children’s Medicaid, which means his son has to go another year uninsured.