CHAIN’s Brennaman: Expanding Medicaid Could Help Florida’s Finances

Florida will have more federal money to reimburse health care providers for care they provide uninsured patients if the state accepts federal funding for Medicaid expansion, says Florida CHAIN’s Policy & Research Director Laura Brennaman, PhD, RN. Dr. Brennaman told WMNF’s Sean Kinane that the federal government’s 60-day extension to spend about $166 million to fund the Low-Income Pool (LIP) is a temporary fix, but federal funding will eventually stop because the Affordable Care Act encourages states to expand Medicaid to cover more low-income residents. The Florida Legislature has not expanded Medicaid, resulting in a budget deficit between the cost of covering the medical needs of low-income Floridians and how much money is available. Take a listen to the full interview with Dr. Brennaman below.