Mind The Gap: Florida Coverage Gap Stories

A collection of personal stories from consumers stuck in Florida’s Coverage Gap. Use the “Submit Your Story” link (left) and help us fight for health care expansion in Florida.

Home Health Care Workers Need Health Insurance

Gisselle King is a recruiter for home care workers. She interviews home care workers on a daily basis, and describes the majority of them as low income. Home care workers on average make about $10/hour. They work long hours, deal with difficult individuals, and put a strain on their bodies due to heavy lifting. These […]

Uninsured, Hard at Work Cleaning Carpets

Susan Burns, 55, works hard cleaning carpets. She pays a mortgage. She pays taxes. But she doesn’t earn enough to be able to afford healthcare. “My husband and I are living hand to mouth. We haven’t had health insurance since 2004 when my husband lost his job with the county. At first I paid COBRA, […]

“I Need to be Protected by Health Care Coverage.”

“You never know what can happen. It is so important for me and everyone else to have health insurance at all times because we need to be protected when things do happen.” John Harris finds himself in the coverage gap. John makes too little to be eligible for marketplace subsidies and tax credits and as […]

“I Can’t Afford a Doctor’s Visit When I Need it Most.”

“I can’t afford a regular doctor’s visit when I need it most.” Gail Jones is one of the nearly million that is stuck in the coverage gap. Gail recently had an allergic reaction to hair dye, a product she has used all her life, and needed medical care. She went to her provider and was […]

Desperate for Affordable Health Coverage

Vonnie Davis is unemployed, uninsured, and suffers from type 2 diabetes. Her husband is employed full time and has employer coverage costing him $8.64/pay period. Vonnie has been offered health insurance through her husband’s employer at $473.80/pay period. That is $947.60/month for her health insurance.  They would be paying more for her health insurance than […]

Lack of Health Insurance Led to Inability to Work

April has been uninsured for the last five years. Last September she hurt her knee, she stated “I hurt my knee, and because I didn’t have health insurance and didn’t have the money to pay out of pocket I couldn’t go see an orthopedic specialist.” This resulted in April no longer able to work. She […]

Special Olympics Gold Medalist Left Uninsured

As a child, Matt Ross won medals in the Special Olympics. Today, he is a 23 year old part-time worker who has been denied Medicaid as it stands in Florida. Matt is living with autism. Even though he has a developmental disability, he has been denied Medicaid because he is considered fully functional. Matt works […]

Student Stuck in the Coverage Gap

“I ask our Florida legislators, shouldn’t my concern as a student be studying rather than what to do or where to go if and how much this will cost me as an uninsured adult to seek medical services if one day I get sick or have an emergency?” Harry Melo comes from a state that […]

“If I Don’t Get the Health Insurance I Need I Will Be in a Wheelchair.”

Elisa Abolafia, 61, of St. Petersburg, Florida has seen her life turned completely upside down following an unforeseen injury. Six years ago she nearly became paralyzed after lifting some heavy objects while she was moving some things around in her condo as well as helping her neighbor get his wheelchair out of his trunk. She […]

Hard Times Made Even Harder Due To Lack of Health Insurance

Vivian Margo Rona, 61, finds herself unemployed and without health insurance. Like millions of other’s across the nation, she falls into the coverage gap. She has been seeking employment since June, 2014 but has only been able to find seasonal work. She is now dependent on her mother for financial support. She is already stressed […]