ACA Success Stories

A collection of personal stories from consumers’ experiences with the Affordable Care Act

Mom Grateful for Savings Due to Affordable Health Care Coverage

“United Way Suncoast’s health care Navigator helped me with finding the right health care and the application. I was able to purchase a health insurance plan that I like and keep my doctors and my child’s doctors. All for $900 less a month than I was paying before. I will probably use that money I saved […]

Financial Security Thanks to Being Newly Insured

“I moved to Sarasota from Pennsylvania last year, but I didn’t have health care or a job lined up in Florida beforehand. I spent many savings in the transition – I finally found a part-time job at $8 an hour.” There are others like Patricia that face this same reality when moving to Florida. While […]

Graduate Student Thankful for Marketplace Coverage

Nicholas Kolos is a full time graduate student. Nicholas represents one of the many that are not able to afford private health insurance. Luckily, for Nicholas, he was able to sign up for health care coverage through the marketplace’s third enrollment period. Nicholas being a full time student pursing his graduate degree also carried the […]

“I Want My Family To Be Healthy”

Maricela has been scared of medical expenses for years. She was finally able to get affordable health care coverage through the marketplace during open enrollment. She, her husband, and her two children all have health insurance. She is especially excited about having health insurance for her children, “my children are sick all the time, so […]

Happy to have “real” insurance now

Marty Riordian saw an ad in the newspaper that a Navigator for the Health Insurance Marketplace would be holding an enrollment event at a local library. He jumped at the chance to meet with a Navigator to discuss the possibility of getting a new health insurance plan. “I have a catastrophic plan and I wanted […]

After 15 Years, Finally Insured!

Norma Fernandez moved to Florida in 2000. She moved from Spain to take care of her mother. Norma was used to a comfortable life while she lived in Spain. She was financially stable, and never had to worry about health care coverage. She stated, “In Spain, if you work, you are covered 100 percent.” That […]

Stroke Victim’s Family Happy He Finally Has Health Insurance

Theresa, 58, purchased health insurance for her son who was recently hospitalized with a stroke. He needs health insurance now for doctor visits on a regular basis. She stated, “My son never went to the doctor because he didn’t want medical bills he could not pay. Having a stroke out of nowhere is what prompted […]

Forced into Early Retirement, and Left Uninsured!

Jerry Knipp, 62, of Lake County is grateful for being able to enroll in the health care marketplace this enrollment period. He shares, “I am so thankful to the navigator who helped me apply for health care coverage. She was so humble, friendly and knowledgeable, and made enrolling a smooth process.” Mr. Knipp spent the […]

Sheri Got Covered and says, “My family loves Obamacare!”

Osceola County resident Sheri M. was so thrilled with the Silver Humana plan she and her husband obtained through the Marketplace, she reached out to Florida CHAIN to share her story. Sheri wrote, “This plan is “way less than what we were paying in 2013 with our Blue Cross plan and we’re thrilled about the […]

Charisse Got Covered

Charisse Oliver visited the campus of the University of South Florida to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace at the Nav-Lab on March 2, 2014. Charisse writes of her experience, “I finally got health care coverage thanks to my Navigator. I first tried doing it myself online and didn’t get through. My Navigator patiently sat […]