Real Stories

Mom Grateful for Savings Due to Affordable Health Care Coverage

“United Way Suncoast’s health care Navigator helped me with finding the right health care and the application. I was able to purchase a health insurance plan that I like and keep my doctors and my child’s doctors. All for $900 less a month than I was paying before. I will probably use that money I saved […]

Financial Security Thanks to Being Newly Insured

“I moved to Sarasota from Pennsylvania last year, but I didn’t have health care or a job lined up in Florida beforehand. I spent many savings in the transition – I finally found a part-time job at $8 an hour.” There are others like Patricia that face this same reality when moving to Florida. While […]

“I know what it is like to be insured, and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have been through.”

Laurie Scop is a survivor who fights for the right for health care coverage for all. She has been through unbelievable circumstances and has come out on top. Laurie attributes a lot of what she was able to overcome because she had health care coverage throughout it all. Laurie Scop at the age of 31 […]

Desperate For Care

Genesis Matos Rodriguez suffers from Chronic Lung Disease. Rodriguez was born with asthma and Middle Lobe Syndrome, which causes mucus to build in her lungs. Two years ago, her right lung collapsed; surgeons removed half. Her monthly medical bill to ward off fluids, including Pulmozyme and Albuterol, can hit $4,000. Three months before her 20th […]

College Student With Rare Disease Lacks Access To Health Care

Molly O’Brien is a 19-year-old college student. Molly suffers from Paroxysmal Nonkinesigenic Dyskinesia (PND), which is a disorder of the nervous system that causes periods of involuntary movement. PND is extremely rare (1 in 5 million people. Molly exclaims, “I could be too excited and my body starts jerking” this along with other triggers can […]

“Access to health care coverage means an equal opportunity to flourish professionally because I will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Isabel Bethancourt is recent graduate that currently works as a clerk at FIU. She is currently uninsured and making a minimal salary. Isabel suffers from Rheumatoid Arteritis and Hypo-thyrodism.  Her health issues are preventing her from living a fully capable life and reaching her full potential. Because of her health issues and lack of access […]

“Florida Failed My Brother.”

  Francoise Cham is a devoted advocate for health care coverage for all. Francoise herself has health insurance through the marketplace and is grateful for that. The root of her passion for advocacy is personal. Her brother passed away in November 2015 after struggling for years without access to health care, “I cannot stay quiet […]

Graduate Student Thankful for Marketplace Coverage

Nicholas Kolos is a full time graduate student. Nicholas represents one of the many that are not able to afford private health insurance. Luckily, for Nicholas, he was able to sign up for health care coverage through the marketplace’s third enrollment period. Nicholas being a full time student pursing his graduate degree also carried the […]

“I cannot continue to care for my family productively if I cannot be as healthy as I can myself.”

Jodi Hart is a mother of two daughters with special needs. She herself suffers from poor health. She is uninsured and frustrated at Florida’s health care system, she expresses “Florida can’t do anything for me.” Jodi suffers from a seizure disorder, she has been in the emergency room 314 times, all with different diagnosis. She […]

“Left hoping that the system changes so her family can get back to living a healthy productive life.”

C.A’s husband is legally blind so he doesn’t have the best job out there despite his education as a Dr. of Dentistry. She herself has some health problems that are severe enough that she can’t work and yet they are fairly inexpensive to manage. She was told that she needs to go to a Community […]