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Medicaid recipients could pay $100 for ER visit

Since the Florida Legislature approved a new statewide Medicaid managed care experiment this past spring, Florida CHAIN and others (including Democratic legislative leaders who opposed the new law) have been waving red flags about extreme new provisions in the legislation. This is in addition to raising concerns about the basic nature of the experiment itself […]

Medically Needy Consumer Stories

Read about experiences from consumers on the Medically Needy program.

Just-Passed Medicaid Legislation

On the final night of its 60-day session, the GOP-dominated Florida Legislature delivered a statewide Medicaid privatization bill that had been on its way for several years. Despite the long journey, the bill that passed – with its new twists on old flaws – was in circulation less than 30 hours before the final vote. […]

A Glimpse at Florida’s Proposed Budget

March 30, 2011-  Last week, the House and Senate released initial versions of their 2011-12 health and human services (HHS) budgets. The HHS budget funds six State agencies and includes the entire Medicaid program. Given the State’s $3.8 billion dollar revenue shortfall and leaders’ unwillingness to consider options for generating revenue,deep cuts are the only alternative. […]

Expecting Worse Makes Bad Budget Better

Despite facing another bleak budget picture and the strongest pressure to rein in Medicaid spending in 5 years, the Florida Legislature spared the 2010-11 Medicaid budget from most of the deep cuts that had seemed inevitable for months.  Nevertheless, the reality is that Medicaid cuts of any kind were neither justified nor necessary. However, the […]

Four Medicaid Issues & What You Need to Know for Legislative Session

1.    Medicaid eligibility CAN’T be cut. The budget passed last week by the House eliminates Medicaid coverage for pregnant women with incomes between 151% and 185% of the poverty level, beginning January 2011.The Senate budget saves the Medicaid coverage provided through Medically Needy and MEDS-Aged and Disabled Waiver programs that would have been eliminated as of […]

Medicaid Reform Update- 3/24/10

A quick and quiet – but massive – expansion of the flawed Medicaid Reform experiment could be one step away from full Senate approval after Friday. On Friday afternoon, the Senate Ways and Means Committee will consider the proposed 2010-11 State budget. This is the 2nd of 3 levels in the Senate at which a […]

Lag in Medicaid Reimbursements Leaves Young Patient Without Care Despite Life-threatening Condition

So now, not only do I not have a doctor that will see me, I do not even know of a doctor who might be able to see me. I am without health care at this time, and it scares me. I need to have medical coverage because of all the blood clots because – like I said before – if one breaks free, I am dead.

2010 Session Will Focus on Medicaid

Medicaid is always in the news during each year’s legislative session. This year, however, it is the news. It’s already clear that the 2010 session of the Florida Legislature will not end without passage of some significant changes to Florida’s Medicaid program. The Legislature, as a result of creative accounting, record-setting enrollment due to the […]