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Understanding State Medicaid Enrollment Numbers and What They Tell Us About the ACA Rollout

State Medicaid enrollment reports show that about 90,000 more Floridians were enrolled in Medicaid in February 2014 than in September 2013, five months earlier and just prior to the start of the open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace. While this represents an increase of 2.7%, which is somewhat smaller than expected, a number of factors contribute […]

Former Foster Youth Medicaid Q&A

Click here for former foster youth Medicaid Q&As.

The ACA IS Changing Medicaid Eligibility in Florida

Throughout 2013, you’ve heard from Florida CHAIN and others about why the Florida Legislature must seize the opportunity provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to extend Medicaid coverage to most non-elderly adults up to 133 percent of the poverty level. Given that the Legislature has to date rejected this critical opportunity, at great cost […]

Guaranteed Medicaid Eligibility for Young Adults Who Have Aged Out of Foster Care

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most young adults who have aged out of Florida’s foster care system will be eligible for Medicaid until they turn 26. Click here for a fact sheet on Guaranteed Medicaid Eligibility for Young Adults who have aged out of Foster Care.

10 False Claims about the Proposed Alternatives to Medicaid Expansion

Claim #1: “The House plan gives people a real choice of private health insurance like legislators have.” Reality:          The House plan would provide $167 a month (with an additional $25 contributed by the enrollee), which is simply not enough to buy coverage that provides adequate benefits and affordable deductibles, co-pays, etc. The only way these […]

Florida Continues to Lurk in Shadows Where New Transparency Rules Don’t Shine

New federal requirements intended to end states’ practices of proposing experiments that alter their residents’ access to Medicaid without public participation didn’t work in Florida. That’s because the rules assume that states just need prompting to be more open, not that they are determined to not be open.

“New” Medically Needy Proposal Has Same Aim: Restrict Access for the Catastrophically Ill

PRESS RELEASE: October 18, 2012 Contact: Laura Goodhue, 954-213-8647, [email protected] Florida – The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), Florida’s Medicaid agency, will hold a workshop tomorrow (October 19) in Ft. Lauderdale to collect public input on its third attempt at a proposal that, if approved, would end access to Medicaid coverage for countless vulnerable […]

Misrepresentation and Secrecy: The Keys to Medicaid Privatization

A few weeks ago, Florida CHAIN exposed the fact that the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), Florida’s Medicaid agency, had secretly submitted a request to federal officials insisting that Medically Needy patients somehow spend up to 90% of their income each month in order to retain access to Medicaid coverage. Particularly disconcerting was the […]

Sound Health Policy or Highway Robbery: You Decide

The State has asked for permission to completely change the Medically Needy portion of Florida Medicaid. If the State’s request is approved, most Medically Needy patients will quickly lose their access to Medicaid coverage, or become absolutely destitute trying to hold on to that coverage. Medically Needy patients cannot qualify for regular Medicaid coverage because […]

Not Convinced the State Will Say Anything to Reduce Medicaid Spending? Read This.

Florida has now submitted its request to the federal government seeking approval of the statewide Medicaid managed care experiment authorized by the Legislature last spring. On one hand, the proposal simply describes how the State intends to implement the legislation and what federal rules would need to be waived for that to occur.  On the […]