Medicaid Expansion

Updates on Florida’s Battle Over Low Income Pool (LIP) Funding

The Florida state administration and the Florida House are begging the federal government for Medicaid funds that the state has to match at 40% to pay for non-coverage for health care and balking at 100% Federal Medicaid funds that eventually will require a 10% state match to pay for health care coverage for more than […]

The Health Coverage Gap And Young Floridians

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) set out to give everyone access to affordable health insurance coverage by making Medicaid available to all people earning less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) – in 2014, $16,105 a year for an individual or $32,913 a year for a family of four – and by providing tax credits […]

What Health Care Expansion in Florida Could Mean for Substance Use Disorders

Florida has the opportunity to accept more than $50 billion in federal funding so that 1.1 million working moms and dads, veterans, and others can get the health care coverage they need. Even with the rollout of Obamacare, those million people in the Florida Gap will not get health care coverage unless our state accepts […]

The ACA Is Increasing Coverage for Low Income Florida Kids!

In Florida, the number of uninsured children has consistently remained higher than the national average. While the estimate of the overall number of uninsured children in Florida has gone down from 600,537 in 2009 to 436,166 in 2012, the state still ranked 49th in the number of uninsured children in each of those years. Between […]

Young graduate student needs access to health care

Menat applied to the Health Insurance Marketplace in December 2013. She was deemed ineligible for the Marketplace due to her low income, leaving any full-price plan unaffordable. Menat is a full-time graduate student studying speech language pathology at a large university in Florida. She has been uninsured for over two years and lost access to […]

Recent Developments in Florida’s Medicaid Expansion Discussion: Questions and Answers

April 28, 2014 Recently, Florida Senate President Don Gaetz sent a letter to Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the nominee to replace Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), requesting flexibility in expanding Medicaid. Was this request necessary? No. HHS has previously made it clear on multiple occasions and in […]

Florida Substance Abuse Disorder and Medicaid Expansion Factsheet

If Florida accepted the $51 BILLION in federal funds to expand health care for 1.1 MILLION Floridians, as many as 175,000 people with substance abuse problems could get the treatment they need. Click here this and more facts about the importance of health care expansion for all Floridians.

Feds Compromised; FL Should, Too

By Greg Mellowe The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which allowed a three-year extension of Florida’s Statewide Medicaid Managed Care program, approved only aone-year extension of the Low Income Pool (LIP). The LIP provides the state with additional federal Medicaid funding that hospitals can use to address the issue of uncompensated care for uninsured […]

Florida Medicaid Expansion by the Numbers: What Legislative Leaders Hope You Don’t Read and Remember

  $7 million: The number of already-paid federal tax dollars that Florida is turning away every day in 2014 because the Legislature has rejected Medicaid expansion. $15 million: The average number of already-paid federal tax dollars that Florida will turn away every day over the next decade if the Legislature continues to reject Medicaid expansion $253 million: […]

Son aged out of Medicaid, Mom left alone to deal with illnesses

Krista shared her story at a Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment event after she learned she was ineligible for coverage in the Marketplace because of her low income. Her illnesses prevent her from working routinely. “I’m 44 years old, I have a disability but haven’t gotten approved yet (SSDI). I’m going to court to work on […]