Car Accident Victim Happy To Have Health Care Coverage

Andrew Becker is a 25 year old from Orlando, Florida. He makes a good living as a self-employed full time musician.

Andrew, like many others young adults has never had health insurance. Growing up his parents paid out of pocket for his medical expenses. As a young adult he didn’t have the sense of urgency to get health insurance.

Andrew Becker suffered from serious health problems following a car accident, “a year ago I was in a really bad car accident, and I didn’t have health insurance. It really jacked up my life, like the whole fear of debt and not being able to afford the hospital bills was a really negative impact.” Last January, Andrew was with a touring band traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to Boca Raton, Florida when someone rear ended them causing them to spin into the center medium. The accident caused him to break three of his ribs, his nose, and three herniated disks in his back, and had really bad muscle issues in his back for eight months following the accident.

After his car accident, he was in medical debt and emotional distress. “There is always a level of mental stress you have because you never know when you will get into a car accident, never know when you will get sick.” He couldn’t work for the first three months after the car accident, had medical bills coming in that were not covered under his letter of protection. Andrew stated that not having insurance at the time of his accident really turned his life upside down, “this ruined my credit, destroyed my finances, and today I am still trying to recover from that financially.” This is when he knew he had to sign up for health insurance.
Andrew has for the most part recovered from that accident physically, but one thing this has taught him is the importance of having health insurance all the time. Andrew realizes the importance of having health insurance now more than ever “It wasn’t until the car accident that I felt the sense of urgency to have health insurance, and then it was too late. I would definitely recommend younger people take their health seriously and get health insurance; you never know what can happen.”

Andrew was able to enroll successfully onto the marketplace and sign up for a low monthly plan where he pays $48.33 a month for health insurance with the help of a navigator. He stated that having this health coverage before his accident would have made his life easier, that is why he urges young adults to sign up for health insurance right now so they don’t go through what he has gone through this past year.