After 15 Years, Finally Insured!

Norma Fernandez moved to Florida in 2000. She moved from Spain to take care of her mother. Norma was used to a comfortable life while she lived in Spain. She was financially stable, and never had to worry about health care coverage. She stated, “In Spain, if you work, you are covered 100 percent.” That is something she found not to be true in the United States. Norma has worked until she could work no more. She found herself low income, and dependent on free clinics for health care. Norma says, “This was the beginning of a new time for me,” she was no longer happy but instead was sick, and depressed. Most of all, she was confused as to why she could not get the care she needs, when she needed it the most.

Fortunately, Norma was able to sign up for health insurance through the marketplace in January, 2015. She now has health insurance, and is able to see a doctor regularly. She is looking forward to having access to health care when she needs it. She is optimistic that now that she has health care coverage things will be better for her. She feels that now with continuous access to a doctor, she finally has control of her health care, and her life.