Opportunity Report: Health Coverage Plan Offers Better Health and Economic Outcomes for Miami-Dade County

MiamiDade Health Care Opportunity Report.pdf.jpgDespite the gains made in the years since the passage of the A ordable Care Act, Miami- Dade County continues to rank near the bottom, statewide, across several major indicators of health.

e snapshot captured in the 2016 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report point to growing public health concerns across South Florida. Meanwhile, absent a state-level intervention, addressing pressing issues like rising HIV/AIDS rates and access to mental health care will become an impossible burden for local government and the area’s safety- net system.

Case studies reveal that the refusal of Florida’s legislature to accept federal funding to close the coverage gap not only ignores an eventual crisis, but keeps Floridians on the outside of the opportunity of a lifetime.

Report highlights:

  • Miami-Dade County placed dismally across a variety of categories in the 2016 county health rankings.
  • The scheduled reduction and redesign of the Low Income Pool (LIP) create a nancial disaster for local hospitals stemming from high rates of uncompensated care.
  • The county can not only mitigate these effects, but actually improve our health and the economy, if Florida participates in the coverage program.
  • If Florida does not extend coverage to the newly eligible low-income adults, taxes and fees in Miami-Dade County will have to increase.

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