“Left hoping that the system changes so her family can get back to living a healthy productive life.”

C.A’s husband is legally blind so he doesn’t have the best job out there despite his education as a Dr. of Dentistry. She herself has some health problems that are severe enough that she can’t work and yet they are fairly inexpensive to manage. She was told that she needs to go to a Community Health Center or other available program to find health insurance because she falls through the coverage gap. Her and her husband are both going to have to pay extraordinary fees this tax season that they cannot afford to pay, just like they had to pay the smaller fee last year. C.A stated “this is a broken system with a Governor who just doesn’t care about his people.”

C.A is a mother of five and is having to rely on assistance to support her family. She could have applied for disability but there were too many complications within that system since her husband is disabled as well. Her husband works at Walmart, despite having a nine year education and being a Doctor of Dentistry. Their whole life and the life of their family has been severely impacted by her husband’s disability becoming legally blind. C.A had a desire to go back to school and earn her doctorate degree but between her own health issues, her husband’s disability, and being a full time mother with five children that seems nearly impossible. “I have several issues and conditions. Some require medication and some medicines I can get on the $4 list at Walmart but some like my Migraine Medicine is not an option.” She has undiagnosed conditions that she was trying to get diagnosed before she lost her insurance. She was also scheduled to get radio frequency nerve ablations in her spine but had to cancel due to her health insurance ending. She has been working on her health off and on for years trying to get conditions under control and ones undiagnosed diagnosed. She is frustrated by the system in place, a system that does not support those most in need.

When asked what having consistent quality health coverage means to her, she responded “better management of conditions I have and hopefully answers and possibly solutions for things that have not been diagnosed, not to mention not having to pay fees for not being able to afford insurance.” She feels that it is wrong what is going on, just blatantly wrong. Her husband is legally blind and is supposed to see a retinal specialist every 6 months. He also has the beginning of Cataracts and needs Physical Therapy for a back issue that he has not been able to fully treat. They had to pay fees last year for lack of insurance and use their tax return to see the specialist and get him new glasses as well as sunglasses. His vision is very low so his glasses are very expensive and the sunglasses are necessary, two pairs cost him $1,000 approximately. She is left hoping that the system changes so her family can get back on their feet living a healthy productive life.